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Lia Rhymes

at the monarch

Saturday March 03 @4pm
$15 Preorder Tickets

1234 Divi St. #1000, San Francisco, CA 94220

March Lineup


March 03

$10 preorders // $15 at the door


March 10



March 17

$25 at the door


March 24

$20 preorders // $45 at the door

The Venue

Monarch Theatre

Music Venue

Since 1967

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Limited Availability // Payment at the door only for some events



A Clearer View

A Clearer View

Composed sometime between the 1430s and 1450s, Donatello’s bronze David represents a series. Provocatively jutting hip as he trium phantly steps his foot on the Philistine conqueror’s head

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Warm Welcomes to  Go Along with the Art

Warm Welcomes to Go Along with the Art

When institutions present large exhibitions of iconic, deceased artists, their are
primary objective is often to ask, and answer a comically predictable question: “Why is this artist relevant today?” What generally follows is a battery of claims speeches, press release sand testimonials

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1234 Divi St. #1000, San Francisco, CA 94220

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